Guitar Tuner/Metronome Combo

One of the best ways to improve your guitar playing, especially while practicing scales, arpeggios and licks, is to play with a metronome. While there are plenty of iOS apps that include metronome functionality, I haven’t always found them to be the most practical method. You have to find a spot to set up your phone so you can hear it or, at least, be able to see the screen for the visual queue. And if you plan on practicing for any significant length of time, the metronome app can be a drain on your battery.

I just found this Combination Clip-on Tuner & Metronome from GearBest that will definitely be a fixture in my guitar case from now on. Compact and convenient, just clip it on your headstock and you have not only the ability to stay in tune, but a perfect timekeeper that’s right at the end of your guitar.

Buy it today from GearBest.

Get a great deal on a simple iRig Guitar iPhone Interface

GearBest has a great deal on a simple and straightforward guitar interface that will allow you to connect any electric or electric/acoustic guitar to your iPhone or iPad iOS device. (You can use it with Android as well…)

You will need to have a device that still has a headphone jack or a headphone to Lightning Adapter, but once you’re plugged in there, the Amplitube iRig will let you tap into the power of any amp and effect modeling app like Amplitube, Bias, JamUp Pro or Apple’s own GarageBand.

To find the deal, follow this link to GearBest.