Lessons From Guitarjamz To Improve Your Epic-ness

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If you’ve spent any amount of time on YouTube looking for lessons to improve your guitar playing, it’s a safe bet you’ve come across at least a few lessons by charismatic guitar teacher Marty Schwartz. Between his guitarjamzdotcom and martyzsongs YouTube channels, he has more than 1,300 videos covering everything from basic concepts for beginners all the way up to advanced techniques. Since first hitting YouTube about five years ago, Marty’s videos have been viewed nearly half a billion times. That’s billion with a B. His easy going style and accessible approach to playing and music theory has helped countless people improve their playing and now he’s made it even easier by releasing the app Guitarjamz – Epic Guitar Lessons for iPhone and iPad. Continue reading

Welcome Guitarjamz Fans!

Guitarjamz_logoA huge thank you to my friend Marty Schwartz for sharing a link to the GuitarApps website with his Guitarjamz fans! Welcome to everyone that found your way here. We certainly hope you find some information that is helpful to you and that you will follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to keep up with the latest on apps and hardware you can use to make guitar music on your iOS devices. We’ve got more great reviews on tap, so stay tuned!

Lick of the Day from Agile Partners

UPDATE: Since writing this review, Guitar World and Agile Partners have apparently parted ways and the Lick of the Day app now features material from TrueFire and JamPlay. I’ll be taking another look at the app soon to see how it’s changed

Ratings_3Agile Partners is continuing their commitment to iOS loving guitar players. This time they have partnered with Guitar World magazine to create a universal app for both the iPhone, iPod and iPad called Guitar World Lick of the Day. The app delivers a new lick every day and promises to cater to a variety of styles and skill levels.

The interface of the iPad version combines video of Guitar World and celebrity instructors with a panel showing the standard and tab music notation for each lick that scrolls in sync with the video. Users of Agile’s Tab ToolKit will also recognize the dynamic fretboard that shows finger positions that are also synchronized with the tab and video. Lefties will be happy to know that they can invert the fretboard too. Continue reading

AmpKit Backing Tracks

I’ve had a few people ask me for sources for good guitar backing tracks that you can upload to the AmpKit app and use for practicing your solos. A great little source for some tasty jam along tracks is my friend Marty Schwartz’s site, Guitarjamz.com. If you go to this URL and sign up for his mailing list, he’ll give you access to the tracks for free – http://www.guitarjamz.com/mp3jamtracks/ The messages he sends out are few and far between and he doesn’t share your info with anyone else.

Jamming along to backing tracks is an awesome way to beef up your soloing and improvisation skills. If you’re not doing it already, give it a try. AmpKit makes it easy to import these tracks straight from your computer through a Web interface over your Wi-Fi network. Then you can play along with the gear modeling setup of your choice.