iKlip Xpand Demonstrates Exceptional Design

Ratings_4All you have to do is take one look at a Ferrari or a Lamborghini and it’s immediately clear the Italians are serious about product design. Design is a source of national pride for Italy, so it comes as no surprise that the new iKlip Xpand from IK Multimedia is very well designed. 

The iKlip Xpand is an an adjustable, mic stand-mountable tablet holder designed to securely hold everything from an iPad Mini to a full-sized iPad or iPad Air. (For the record, it works fine with non-iOS devices as well.) It accommodates tablets from 7″ to 21.1″ thanks to four expanding fingers that are spring loaded and lined with a rubberized “Gorilla Grip” material to clamp down on your device. The other end is a simple set screw affair that attaches the iKlip securely to a microphone stand.


Between the two ends of the iKlip Xpand is a ball joint that allows you to easily adjust your iPad or tablet to any viewing angle. It also pivots easily, so you can position your screen in either a portrait or landscape orientation.

I have reviewed products from IK Multimedia before, including the original iKlip. What really stands out for me with this new product is the company’s attention to detail — attention that even carries through to the product packaging. You can tell they fully intend for the iKlip Xpand to sit well on the shelf at the Apple Store and give buyers a satisfying experience from the moment they open the box.









I would guess as much thought went into the packaging as the product itself, and I mean that in a good way. The new iKlip requires some simple assembly, made easy by a tastefully designed instruction booklet that comes in a very Apple-esque packet inside the box.


The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a solution that will let you put your iPad on stage with you, or just a convenient way to put your iPad at eye level next to the couch while you practice, the iKlip Xpand is a great option. IK also makes a smaller iPhone sized version called the iKlip Mini. I would assume the quality is on a par with the full-sized mount.

Find more information about the iKlip on IK Multimedia’s website.