Positive Grid Releases BIAS 1.5

NewsPositive Grid just released an update to it’s popular BIAS amp modeling app for iOS. The 1.5 version update brings with it three eagerly awaited expansion packs – Glassy, Crunch and Insane. Each expansion pack is available as an in-app purchase for $9.99 and adds dedicated preamp and power amp modules optimized for various playing styles and tone.

The Glassy Pack offers six new modules geared towards clean tones. The models are:

  • ’65 American Lux
  • ’66 Bass
  • Vibro Queen
  • Gret 6156
  • ’66 AC Boost and
  • ’76 Jazz

The Crunch Pack includes six modules as well geared towards dirtier classic rock tones weighted heavily towards British amps:

  • British Lead 900
  • British OR 30
  • ’65 Plexi
  • Standard 18
  • Grid Crunch and
  • GA-18

Finally, the Insane Pack is geared towards high-gain shredders and features another six amps:

  • RB Uber
  • Thrasher
  • GH50
  • Invader
  • Herbert and
  • Grid Metal

Positive Grid says the new expansion packs offer preamp, power amp, cabinet and EQ controls tailored specifically to the overall style of the pack, providing users with even more precise amp customization.

BIAS has proven to be extremely popular given it’s high-quality amp simulations and extremely flexible customization options. Together with BIAS’s integration with theirĀ amp and effect modeling app JamUp, Positive Grid has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the mobile guitar effects world. JamUp was also updated today, a welcome sight to users of the non-Pro JamUp XT version of the app who have been dealing with glitches introduced in the previous update.

You can find the new expansion packs in the BIAS Store section of the app after installing today’s free update. If you don’t already have BIAS, you can purchase it via the iTunes App Store.