Positive Grid Releases New JamUp And We’re Giving Away BIAS To Celebrate!

NewsA new version of Positive Grid’s very popular JamUp software is now live in the iOS App Store! The new app includes what sounds like an amazing acoustic guitar simulator, as part of an Acoustic Expansion Pack, plus an all new Vintage Effects Expansion Pack, a Gurus Amp Expansion Pack and a special BIAS amp to give people a taste of the tasty goodness that is the BIAS amp modeler.

Speaking of which… to celebrate the release of the New JamUp app, we are giving away one free copy of BIAS for iPhone! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this article below telling us what kind of amp you’ll build with it. Thanks to Positive Grid for sponsoring this contest!

Back to the New JamUp story…

The big news with the JamUp release seems to us to be the new Acoustic Expansion Pack. In addition to effects that Positive Grid says “restores a studio-miked sound to a undersaddle or sound hole pickup,”  the expansion pack comes with the new and premium Acoustic Simulator that any electric guitar into realistic acoustic tone. Positive Grid has released several videos showcasing the simulator and the effect is pretty phenomenal. It truly gives solid-bodied electrics the tone and resonance of a natural sounding acoustic guitar. I’m really looking forward to playing with this one, as it will make it all that much easier to add acoustic tracks to recordings we make with our iOS devices.

The Vintage Expansion Pack adds a whole collection of sought after pedals that are sure to please. The included models are based on: Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster, Electro Harmonix Small Clone, Big Muff, Knockout Attack EQ, Boss DM-2 Analog Delay, Voodoo Labs Vibe, Fulltone OCD Overdrive and Demeter Tremulator Tremolo. I personally love the Big Muff Pi, so that was the first pedal I added after the update this morning.

The Gurus amps featured in the third New JamUp expansion pack, in case you aren’t familiar with them, are modeled on amplifiers made by Italian company Cicognani Engineering and were the first tube amps designed specifically to work with digital devices running emulation software.

Finally, Positive Grid has included a free BIAS amp to whet the appetite of any holdouts who haven’t yet figured out just how good the BIAS app is at modeling beautiful sounding amps.

We’ll post a review of the new expansion packs as soon as we’ve had a chance to play with them. In the meantime, don’t forget to leave a comment below for a chance to win your own copy of BIAS for iPhone!